Suspicious man!

So, I’m sitting there at work pondering life etc (as you do lol) when a customer comes up to pay and tells me that there is a suspicious looking man with a rucksack over at the bottle bank (about 400 yards from where I’m sitting in my booth). I finish serving the customer and immediately call security, he says he’ll be over to take a look. I heard nothing more!

But, there was a strange man who walked across from the DVD rental store about an hour before who was staring suspiciously at the petrol station where I work then walked back across the road down towards the main store. Then I get the customer who tells me of a suspicious man with rucksack and about half an hour later I see the same guy walk behind my petrol booth (saw his reflection first) and back across behind the DVD rental store. About another half an hour later he comes across from the DVD rental store again and across the top of the car park (the petrol station faces the main store which is about 1000 yards away, the car park is inbetween the two with the DVD rental store over to our left and the bottle bank over to our right). He heads in the direction of the bottle bank. I didn’t see him again and as I left work I drove past the bottle bank but couldn’t see anything.

Now, maybe I was being paranoid but it was incredibly odd that he had looked so suspicious and I’d seen him wandering about over a period of a couple of hours… what would YOU have done?


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