Mills Weekend conclusion

Well, what a fab weekend – only one part of the weekend was bad in the end!

Amazing time spent at the windmill, I was one of the ones who did the “long” shifts by being there both days from around 0930 to 1700. Thank you to ALL Southdown Amateur Radio Society club members who took the time and effort to come to the radio “shack” and talk to us, help with operating, logging and fetching cups of tea πŸ™‚ (Note to self: wear 3 layers of clothing next year, it was freezing!)

I declined the offer to watch the Morris Dancers and attend the BBQ as I have bad memories of Morris Dancers… one day I may explain… but involves a dog and a bunch of silly people.

So in total GB2PW made 63 contacts… I had the best DX of the weekend with a PY2 station πŸ™‚ We contacted places like European Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Demark, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus (3 times on 3 different bands!), Turkey…

When I’ve analysed the log and printed it I’ll post a better review of contacts!

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