GB2PW log summary

Summary of GB2PW

Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Estonia, European Russia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Sardinia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine

3 WAC – Worked All Continents
AS – 3 bands – 15m, 17m, 20m
EU – 5 bands – 15m, 17m, 20m, 40m, 80m
SA – 1 band – 17m

5 ITU Zones
Zone 11 – 17m
Zone 14 – 15m, 20m, 40m, 80m
Zone 15 – 15m, 17m, 20m, 40m
Zone 16 – 17m, 20m
Zone 20 – 15m, 17m, 20m


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