Click here for the Echolink web-site.

Many people I regularly chat to on Twitter have been talking about Echolink. My initial thoughts were, what’s the point… it’s using the Internet – whether you’re doing it via a radio, your computer or the app on your mobile phone. All the people who use it I already talk to on Twitter or Yahoo anyway.

However, there are a few nets I’ve been asked to join so I decided as it’s free why not sign up, it only took a few minutes to register on the web-site (all you need it your call-sign and a valid e-mail address) then you have to scan or photo your radio licence/ticket and upload it to the web-site via the validation link that appears in the e-mail you get after you initially sign up or via the link on the web-site. I uploaded mine and was validated within 8 hours which I thought was pretty amazing, you don’t get that kind of “service” from online shops!

I’ve now got the program downloaded onto my PC and the app on my phone, so I’m all ready to go. I will probably use it more on the phone than the computer, because I don’t have a microphone on my PC only the one with the web-cam and I’m not sure if Echolink will “see” that as a microphone.

Anyone reading the blog, if you use Echolink please leave comments about your thoughts on the software 🙂 Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Echolink

  1. ” …what’s the point… it’s using the Internet – whether you’re doing it via a radio, your computer or the app on your mobile phone.”

    The points are:

    1. So many hams are ending up in nursing homes with so fewer hams interested in helping them get an RF connection out of the place.

    2. The latest Federal Communications Commission panel on narrowbanding stated, in part, that Radio over Internet Protocol will be the next hot item. Echolink and IRLP are Radio over Internet Protocol. This is good training for ARES/RACES volunteers who may want to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it.

    3. Both Echolink and IRLP require a license because, at some point out there, you are going to key an RF device.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Hi Lloyd 🙂

    Great points and I do agree… I think my main issue is people are using it instead of ham radio when they have ham radio stations already. Working DXCC on Echolink doesn’t quite have the same magic as on HF 🙂

    But yes it is great for those in situations like nursing homes or unable to put up antennas at home. I know a couple of people who use it because they just can’t put up antennas or the antennas they have just don’t get as far.

    I’ve only used Echolink once so far to talk to someone in MO. But I hope to contact them on HF at some point!

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