Which camp are you… the Kindle or some other device?

I have a few eBooks and I’m a huge fan of Project Gutenberg which has over 33,000 free eBooks with more being added daily.

At the moment I am using two apps on the iPhone – iBooks and Stanza to read eBooks, but sometimes the screen just feels too small. I don’t know very much about eReaders but have been doing a little research and found a wonderful device called a NookColor from Barnes & Noble (those of you who jump on spelling, it’s American hence the color not colour!) but don’t know if it’s workable here in England with the magazines/newspapers or the books. I also looked up the Kindle by Amazon. It looks good but I’m surprised by the fact that it’s still in black and white.

We’re in 2011. Black and white has all but disappeared. Why is a 2011 device using a format from the 1920s? People mention eInk and the fact these devices can be read outside in glare of the Sun, but surely the technology is there to make these things glare-proof and in colour?

I know most books are in black text with very few pictures. But there are books available with pictures especially the covers. Children would sure appreciate seeing colour pictures in their books on an eReader.

Maybe the technology is coming out… if the iPad (extortionately priced) can do it then so can the stand-alone eReaders.


3 thoughts on “eReaders…

  1. First off, I have to say that I love reading on my Kindle! The reason behind the design of the screen is that it’s supposed to mimic reading a real book. Screens that have a backlight (I’m not sure if Nook does or not) are harder on your eyes and cause eye strain. Reading on the kindle really is just like reading a book, other than that you have to push a button to change the page. When you first get the Kindle out of the box and there is an image on the screen. The image looked so much like I sticker placed over the screen that I was trying to pull it off. It really is amazing! And, I can read for hours without my eyes hurting and without the battery going dead.

  2. Thanks Shauna 🙂

    From what I’ve read on the B&N Nook site it doesn’t have a backlight and is anti-glare. But, sadly for me, isn’t available in the UK at the moment 😦

    I have since found another device called Sophos that is in colour and available in the UK.

    The Kindle really does look fantastic what with having 3G and Wi-Fi, the screen size is decent (although the Nook is 7″) and handles a range of eBook formats. It’s just the lack of colour… I’d like to download newspapers and magazines but I guess if I did that I would just have to use the app on my PC or iPhone.

    The price is great too. I just wonder if I splash out now, if by Christmas 2011 a “colour” Kindle will suddenly appear.

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