Describe the town where you grew up…

Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.

Yup, this is my home town. I still live here. 90 odd thousand population but it doesn’t feel like a big town. We’re a seaside tourist resort with a reputation for attracting the elderly as well as students. Our most famous ‘feature’ is a cliff called Beachy Head which is a notorious suicide spot, people come from all over the world just to commit suicide.

The Seven Sisters cliffs are just along the coast from Beachy Head – these are also famous but not for suicides. Just for being so pretty and the fact there are seven!

We have a pier, two lighthouses (one in the sea, on on land – the one on land is now a B&B), beaches (hardly any sand it’s mostly pebbles), the usual shops and a few places to visit.

It’s about 30-35 mins away from Brighton and an hour and a half from London by train.

The link to the Wikipedia page about Eastbourne is here.

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