Westlife Gravity Tour – set list

1) No One’s Gonna Sleep Tonight
2) When Your Looking Like That………….Mark’s Speech
3) World Of Our Own
4) What Makes A Man
5) Safe
6) Home…………………Nicky’s Speech/Banner Reading
7) Beautiful Tonight

8) Viva La Vida
9) Only Girl
10) Time Of My Life
11) Bad Romance
12) I Predict A Riot

13) Seasons In The Sun……….Shane’s Speech
14) You Raise Me Up
15) I’m Already There
16) I Will Reach You………….Kian’s Speech
17) Flying Without Wings
18) What About Now
19) Uptown Girl
(just before the end the front blocks get covered in confetti!!!)


9 thoughts on “Westlife Gravity Tour – set list

  1. Cant wait for this!! So glad Nicky is reading banners! hope he see’s mine!!

    See you on 22nd March boys!! 🙂 x

  2. westlife please plase tour to jakarta!!!!!i want to look you!!!! im in indonesia butttt i always get your video..but please tour in jakarta on 26 april 2011 please i wish you are here!!!!always love you guys!!

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