Recipe: Crumbly Almond Macaroons

Ingredients – All are Fairtrade and organic where possible:

4oz (115g) ground almonds
6oz (170g) caster sugar (If you don’t have caster sugar put 4oz granulated or soft brown sugar in the liquidiser for about 30 seconds – it works just as well ).
1 teaspoon plain flour
2 egg whites
A few drops of vanilla or almond extract
Split almond / half a glace cherry to decorate


1. Before you do anything else – put the oven on to heat – 180*C / 350*F / gas mark 4 ( Only needs 160*C if using a fan oven)
2. Line baking trays / a baking sheet with edible rice paper ( easiest ) or baking parchment / re-useable sheet.
3. Mix together the almonds, sugar and plain flour.
4. Add the extract to the egg whites, mix, then add this to the dry mix and beat together well.
5. Teaspoon a blob on to your baking trays, allowing at least 2 inches / 5cm between blobs for spreading – it does.
6. Add decorative almond / cherry if required.
7. Bake for 18 – 20 minutes until firm to touch or just starting to go golden brown. This gives you time to prepare the coffee to have with the macaroons. The macaroons are supposed to cool down on a wire tray afterwards…….. but there aren’t usually any left!

(from Cafe Direct)


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