Hamr: Joplin, Missouri tornado disaster

(Video taken from YouTube)

Here is a brief report from Missouri SEC W0KRB, just forwarded by Dale Temple, W5RXU, Arkansas Section Manager, at press time: “Thanks to all who volunteered to help provide radio support for the Joplin tornado. Last night, Amateur Radio was used to provide communications between Freeman hospital (in Joplin) to the hospitals in Springfield to help provide information about resources needed in Joplin. We also had a link-up for Red Cross between the main office in Springfield and the satellite office in Joplin.

“John Howard, K0VET, activated the Missouri Emergency Services Net (MESN) and it was up until 2300 hours last night. It ended up steering a lot of people to the proper Web site for health and welfare messages. The hospital requirements for radio communications were terminated at 0900 this morning and at 5:00 PM tonight we are on a standby status for Red Cross between the two locations.

“We still have a couple of the Jasper County ARES® and Newton County ARES® members providing communications between the Red Cross Shelter and the HQ for Red Cross that was set up away from the normal chapter office as this is now a national-level Red Cross response. It is anticipated that this need will be fulfilled by noon tomorrow.

“Again, thanks to all of you for asking if you could help and especially for not self-deploying, which ends up adding to the problem. Our professionalism again came shining through. — Kenneth Baremore, WØKRB, Section Emergency Coordinator ARES®, Missouri Section

The Associated Press called the event the worst single tornado disaster since 1950.

(From the ARES E-Letter 25th May 2011)


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