Music: Wonderland – Wonderland

Like many of the Westlife fans who saw the girls on tour last year and this year, I was excited to hear Wonderland’s debut album.

Out of the 15 tracks (13 unless you get the iTunes edition) 5 tracks are covers: Need You Now (Lady Antebellum), Rolling In The Deep (Adele), It Could Be You (Alexis Strum), When The Stars Go Blue (Ryan Adams, famous by Tim McGraw) and Only Girl (In The World) (Rihanna).

1 – Not A Love Song
2 – Starlight
3 – Nothing Moves Me Anymore
4 – Need You Now
5 – In Your Arms
6 – Is It Just Me
7 – Why Here Why Now
8 – Time Has Run Out
9 – Emergency
10 – It Could Be You
11 – Get Your Boots On
12 – When The Stars Go Blue
13 – Rolling In The Deep – Acoustic

iTunes bonus tracks
14 – What Do You Want Me To Do
15 – Only Girl (In The World) – Acoustic

For me personally the standout track is “Why Here Why Now”, this needs to be released as a single, I think it could give them a well deserved number one. “Not A Love Song” and “Starlight” are great, these are the first two singles that have been released. The third single is apparently “Nothing Moves Me Anymore”, I don’t like this song particularly; singing about flesh, blood, skin and bones does nothing for me. On tour I loved “Is It Just Me” and “In Your Arms” (although it’s a slightly slower version on here than what we heard on tour) so I’m glad these are here. I think I was the only person on the planet who hadn’t heard of Adele (honestly!) when I heard the girls sing this on the Westlife tour this year, when they announced they were singing “Rolling In The Deep” by ‘their good friend Adele’, I was thinking ‘who?’ (side note: I’ve since researched Adele and still say ‘who?’ because apart from “Rolling In The Deep” (which is far better as a trance remix!) her music is awful, sorry! I don’t understand the hype surrounding her.) and having heard both versions I prefer Wonderland’s. “Only Girl (In The World) is an ok cover, but they just can’t do it justice like Rihanna does. “Need You Now” I first heard at the end of 2009 on American radio and became a huge Lady A fan, when I heard Wonderland singing it at Croke Park in 2010 I heard the opening music and thought I had heard this before. Sorry Wonderland, but you really mess up this song for me, this song is a guy/girl duet not a girl group song.

As for the rest of the album, to me it’s filler but I’m sure others will say different. If Sharon ever decides to go solo, she has an amazing voice, with time she could easily match Christina Aguilera for range… just listen to “In Your Arms” and “Rolling In The Deep” for proof.

That’s my review…


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