More on Humberto Leal

This just about sums up the situation… from Ray Hill’s Prison Show Yahoo Group this is what Gloria Rubac said:

“The damn Supreme Court has denied a stay of execution and Humberto Leal’s sister, who is going to witness the execution left 15 minutes ago to go to the TDC Administration Building to prepare to go into the death house at 6:00 PM. Delia was with the family in Huntsville.

For those who do not know, Humberto Leal was never given his right to contact the consulate of the Mexican government after his arrest for capital murder. He is a Mexican citizen.

This is outrageous when the US president, the Human Rights Commissioner for the United Nations and the US Soliicitor General all ask texas to stop the execution of Humberto Leal. And what does Gov Perry do? He thumbs his nose at the Mexican people, the World Court and allows this execution to take place.

What is with the Supreme Court? what is with Gov Perry? They are all assassins! They violate the World Court ruling with impunity! Criminals!



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