Audiobooks: Where do you buy yours?

I was chatting to someone on a book forum I belong to, about audiobooks. I’ve been put off audiobooks in the past because of whoever is reading the story. Some stories (like my faves my J.R.R. Tolkien would have to be read by the characters in the movies, because those movies capture how I imagined those books to be when I first read them).

Has anyone else been put off audiobooks for that reason?

Back to actually buying them; iTunes sell them but I’ve yet to compare prices with shops or online shops. I know of one mail order company here in the UK that does them (Listen2Books – but whenever I’ve bought from them, the cases always arrive broken so that puts me off).

I’m happy to buy online because I don’t really have the shelf space for more cases.

So, where do you buy from if you do?


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