Earthquake: English Channel… yes really!

According to BBC News and British Geological Society there was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake that hit at 0700 UTC (0800 local time) on Thursday morning just off Portsmouth.

The following is from the BBC story…

“‘Largest since 1734’

David Kerridge, from the BGS, said it was the biggest incident of its kind in the area for nearly 300 years.

He said: “This is the largest earthquake in this area since a magnitude 4.5 event in 1734.

“Historically, there have been two other significant events nearby – a magnitude 5.0 earthquake in 1878 and a magnitude 4.3 earthquake in 1750.

“In the UK, we experience a earthquake of this magnitude approximately every two years.”

Small earthquakes are not uncommon in the British Isles.”

BUT, I note that the realiable, trusted worldwide source for earthquakes – that is updated every minute of every day – USGS – has NOT shown this quake at all.



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