Can a movie be better than the book it was based on?

Yes and no. Back when I first heard The Hobbit being read to me at junior school, I could imagine Middle-Earth and how it should look, then upon reading the LoTR trilogy I had in my mind what I thought it would look like. Then the LoTR movies came about… they were exactly how I imagined it. Absolutely fantastic. Hope The Hobbit is the same… !

I’m trying to think of a book I’ve read that was turned into a movie that was bad, I’m sure there have been some I just can’t think of any.


One thought on “Can a movie be better than the book it was based on?

  1. I’ve seen two examples where the movie was better than the book. The first is Thank You For Smoking. The book is well written and funny in its ways, but the movie is so over the top with the humor they put in it that the movie is better. The second example is A Clockwork Orange. The movie follows the book very closely but the dialect used in the book makes it annoying to read, the last chapter of the book (of which the events aren’t included in the movie version) also goes against the entire tone of the rest of the book and was really a crappy ending to the book.

    So there are my two examples, one where the movie was clearly better, and one where the book was clearly worse.

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