Do you agree with the death penalty?

No I do not. Anyone that knows me will say the same about me. I’ve become more and more opposed to it in the past year or so when many States across the USA have been murdering people on death row that *might* well be totally innocent, not to mention the hundreds already murdered that have since been found innocent.

It’s not ok for me or you to go around killing people so why is it okay for a jury and/or judge to decide someone should die and a State to allow the murder. From the jury, to the judge to the executioners and staff in the execution chamber… all have blood on their hands and a conscience that they killed someone… if the inmate was guilty then those people are no better than the killer themselves.

Most of you will have been made aware of the recent Troy Davis case. I hope that movement will bring an end to the death penalty in the United States.


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