NASCAR: NCSC Talladega Oct 2011 highlights

For those of you who read my blog (for which I thank you!) here are two videos of last week’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega, Alabama, USA. If you don’t follow NASCAR please take a look, even if you only watch the 5 minute video… the 10 minute video has some highlights from the race including ferocious crashes (which everyone walked away from).

Just watching the final 50 laps I was on the edge of my seat and those final 10 laps it seemed like I held my breath, it was just amazing racing at 200mph, you almost can’t bring yourself to watch as they come off those corners in the pack. The skill those drivers have is out of this world. The safety in NASCAR is also out of this world and ground breaking, the SAFER barrier certainly does it’s job.


(My fave drivers, in no particular order are 24, 14, 11 and 33. 33 as we know is out of the Chase, 11 has almost no chance, neither does 24 so I’m pinning my hopes on 14!!!!!)

(Short version 5 mins)

(Long version 10 mins)


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