What a race… from the first crash on lap 2 to the finale with Matt Kenseth and everything in-between. We had rain, we had a first-time in history postponement to the next day, we had a further rain delay and we had fire. Yes, fire!

Montoya hit a jet dryer whilst under caution. Words couldn’t describe it… even the NASCAR on Fox commentators couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Just watch the video and you’ll be amazed.

From my point of view the race started at midnight UK time, so it was going to be a long night… I managed to stay up til about 3am – just as the jet dryer incident happened. I knew it would take a long time to get back under green, so I hit record on the DVR and went to bed. Up again just after 9am and have just watched everything I missed… except because it way over-ran the channel I watch it on here in England decided to cut the broadcast… just as they were going to race the last 40 laps! Ugh!

But, they are doing a full re-broadcast tomorrow afternoon (a much more respectable time!) so I’ll catch up then. I have however watched videos on NASCAR.com so I know who won 🙂

All in all a fantastic race, glad everyone was okay after all the wrecks and the jet dryer incident… roll on Phoenix!


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