WX: UK: Tornado Watch 17:05 GMT to 21:00 GMT Monday 7th May 2012

This from TORRO… you can find the map of areas to possibly affected here.



A TORRO TORNADO WATCH has been UPDATED at 1705GMT on Monday 7th May 2012

Valid from/until: 17:05 – 21:00GMT on Monday 7th May 2012 for the following regions

Parts of (see map)

**Addition – parts of E Anglia

SW England

SE Wales


E England


Tornadoes; wind gusts to 60mph; hail 10-15mm diamter; CG lightning; torrential rain


Cold front moving in from the west is being held up by a developing frontal wave as an upper trough moves in. Sunshine ahead of this has allowed scattered thunderstorms to develop in a region of favourable vertical wind shear for organised thunderstorms, with low-level veering profiles suggestive of low-level rotation and possible tornadoes.

Further convection is approaching SW England and may contain strong wind gusts although a more veered surface flow here suggests a somewhat lower tornado threat. Convection may continue overnight as the cold front drifts eastwards with strong shear suggesting a mainly straight-line wind threat. A further forecast may be required later.

Forecaster: RPK.

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