Westlife: Greatest Hits 2012 Farewell Tour setlist

2012 setlist as of Cardiff… will update/amend if I hear different. Please please please see what you think about the idea during song 22 – Swear It Again. With the hundreds of views I’m getting here we could make this happen!

-updates 11th May 2012-
So apparently “Fool Again” and “Bop Bop Baby” are being cut according to Nicky, also “Lighthouse” and “Beautiful World” are being added.

1 – What About Now
2 – What Makes A Man
3 – My Love
Kian talks
4 – Safe
5 – Uptown Girl
6 – If I Let You Go
7 – Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
Nicky talks
8 – Against All Odds
9 – Fool Again (being cut according to Nicky)
10 – Queen Of My Heart
11 – Bop Bop Baby (being cut according to Nicky)
12 – I’m Already There
13 – Unbreakable
(apparently they’re having issues with the medley… at 9.36pm no lights, no music – technical issues)
(back at 10.04pm)
14 – I Got A Feeling
15 – Sex On Fire
16 – Don’t Cha
17 – Let Me Entertain You
18 – Bohemian Rhapsody (Kian on guitar)

19 – When You’re Looking Like That
Mark talks
(Band get onto contraption that goes out over audience)
20 – Mandy
21 – Seasons In The Sun
22 – Swear It Again (just a thought, this was an idea between a few of us; how about clapping/cheering LOUDLY constantly during this to thank the boys for the last 14 years? An idea that didn’t quite take off last year but would be very fitting this time?)
23 – Home
(Back to main stage)
24 – You Raise Me Up
25 – World Of Our Own
26 – Flying Without Wings


19 thoughts on “Westlife: Greatest Hits 2012 Farewell Tour setlist

  1. Apparently they sing 1 verse from 8-12 songs, but maybe thats not true. I also read Nicky saying they will cut out Fool again and Bop Bob Baby – that would be a shame since they haven’t performed Bop Bop Baby since Brian left. They are however planning om adding Lighthouse and Beautuful World – they couldn’t perform that yesterday because of the technical issues – they had to wait 30 minutes before the problem got fixed.

    • Yes it’s a shame if they drop any of those songs, even though I have the Greatest Hits I haven’t listened to any of the new songs on it, I can’t bring myself too 😦

      Where are you seated for the 24th, good seats/block?

  2. Really hope they sing Bop Bop Babby as i am taking my 5 year old for her second time and its her fave song…shes been practicing all the words!! xx

  3. U completely agree with you Emelie – the more I think about the setllist, the more I am disappointed. If you look at the setlist from China tour – all they did is adding Medley, Ain’t That A Kick In The Head, Unbreakable and Mandy, while leaving all the newer songs Lighthouse, Beautiful World and I Will Reach You. Since they came back from the break, they are singing the same hits. Why does it always have to be Mandy, Home or My Love? What about other hits like Hey Whatever, Obvious, Tonight, Us Again’t The World?

    I know they can’t sing EVERY single, but changing and spicing things up a little wouldn’t hurt. And I still can’t believe they didn’t include at least 1 song from GH album e.g. Beautiful World. And I personally believe that it would have been amazing if they decided to end concerts with Last Mile Of The Way – what a finish that would be, very fitting and since the song is very meaningful and beautiful. I still kind of hope they do this on their very last concert at Croke Park at least.

  4. Guess you can’t please all the ppl all of the time…. so share the sentiment that I can’t wait till 26th (Manchester) but at same time don’t want it to happen as will be the last….. so glad they’re doing What makes a man!! But “this isn’t goodbye” is the most poignant lyric possible

  5. I am going on 24th at O2 arena, anyone got any idea what time they are on/finishing & any support acts?

    • Lilygreen & Maguire, Glenn Cal and Vanquish are the support acts.

      I’ve seen two different times for Westlife being on stage… 8.30pm and also 9pm, no idea which one is right. Offstage, ha meant to be out by 10.30pm at the latest but they’re over-running by as much as 30-40 mins.

  6. Im hoping the setlist will be a bit longer for the croke park final gig. I got an email today to say the gates will be opening at 4.30 instead of 6.30. They surely have to end on a happier song than flying without wings? Ill be roaring!

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