Westlife: O2 Arena, Greatest Hits 2012 23/24 May

Wow, what a show both nights… my pics will be up in full by the end of the weekend including video… I have video of the talks in-between songs (including Nicky’s banner reading and those who were lucky enough to be on stage!) as well as all of the final song “Flying Without Wings” on 24th.

My only complaint (apart from London Underground’s failures) were the support acts. I’m probably in the minority but they were terrible. Seeing as it was the final tour I think they should’ve bought back some of the better acts like Bellefire and Wonderland, now they were good. When 90-95% of the audience are sat down during the support acts, you know something is wrong (I felt sorry for someone I used to know who was along the row from me one night who was the only person standing up in the entire block…).

Other than the support acts the concert was great, those video snippets in places were good and their individual on-stage speeches (albeit the same each night) were heartfelt.

14 years as a Westlife fan has been amazing, I’ll be very sad to see them go – I just hope they’ll one day get back together. I’m sure at least two of them will go solo (which, in a way defeats splitting up to be with their families but hey…) so we haven’t seen the last of them; and, as the boys themselves said, “see you on Twitter!”.

Westlife… THANK YOU!


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