Diaries and planners

I’m a very fussy person when it comes to diaries.  Over the years I’ve tried the simple ones you buy in the usual stores, the pretty covered ones from stationery stores and even very expensive Filofax ones.

I think I may have discovered the perfect diary – for me at least 🙂

This is my new Erin Condren Life Planner (if you click through the link and purchase you and I both get $10 off!!!).  It has space for everything I need to write in the day and the great thing I’ve come to love is space at the weekend.  As a radio ham and NASCAR fan I need space at the weekends to write down contests and racing schedules, this planner gives me space to do that.


Below is my new weekly desk planner, it’s huge!  17 inches / 43 cms wide and 11 inches / 28 cms high.  You can personalise this too, I just wanted my name put on it but you can have any text you like and a photo in the top right hand corner.


Finally, these are the amazing interchangeable covers.  Yes, interchangeable covers!!!  Erin has a huge range on her website which you can personalise just like I’ve done, even adding a photo if you wish.  They are so easy to change, you just pull them off the planner then push the new one back on.  You get front and back covers.


So, if like me, you’re a fussy person when it comes to diaries/planners then Erin Condren Life Planners could solve a problem.  I also got some free stickers (decals to my USA friends) which was a nice touch.  I’m discovering that a few people are selling things to decorate your planner with, specific to fit Erin Condren Life Planners.  I’m now busy sorting my washi tape, deco tape and stickers (decals!) out and checking out ideas online, just search Instagram using #eclifeplanner14 #eclifeplanner15 #planneraddict

(I’m in no way associated with Erin Condren, I have to thank OrganizedJen for her original review on the planner.  After hours *literally* over a weekend Googling planners and diaries I finally narrowed it down to the Erin Condren)


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