I’m useless at these things 🙂 I’m 33, born and raised here in Eastbourne, England. Live with my parents and our 5 crazy cats (Maggi, Misty, Murphy, Marmite and Sweet Pea). Work at a gas station for a supermarket (been working for the company 16 and a half years). Also carer for both my parents.

My passions in life are NASCAR (#team24, Chase Elliott, Alan Gustafson, Jeff Gordon), country music, reading, writing letters, Instagram/Twitter, photography, amateur radio…

Amateur radio wise I love contesting and DX’ing! Also into IOTA, DXCC, lighthouse activations (ILLW) and special events in general. I’m a member of many YL organisations around the world (BYLARA (East Sussex rep in UK), YLRL, ALARA) as well as the Chiltern DX Club, RSGB, ARRL (Life Member), BARLS, WWYC, ISWL, NAQCC. Back on the air with a Yaesu FT-950 and 33ft centre-fed wire which so far has let me work Australia, Sudan, Morocco, USA (mostly east coast), Canada, a few Caribbean islands, far flung corners of Russia…

NASCAR I’ve been interested in since seeing “Days of Thunder” (the Tom Cruise movie) way back in 1990. Back then I had no idea how to watch it or even listen to it. When I started shortwave radio listening (around the same time) I used to regularly pick up AFN (American Forces Network) from Germany on the MW/AM band, in the evening on a weekend I would hear a NASCAR race. I remember being fascinated by it. I soon became a Jeff Gordon fan. A few years went by until I got the Internet, 1998/1999 and I discovered NASCAR.com where I could follow things a little more but it wasn’t until 2010 that it was shown on one of the free Sky (satellite) channels here in the UK. What a year of NASCAR it was… amazing to finally watch it live after all those years. I became even more hooked. Heard and read about Chase Elliott as he was coming up through the different series and he became ‘my driver’ too… love that he is working with my favourite crew chief, Alan Gustafson 🙂

(Please note: it has come to my attention that someone has registered other domain names with my amateur radio call-sign. Those web-sites do not belong to me, I did not pay for them, they are not in my name and they are nothing to do with me. I only own/maintain this WordPress blog (Almost Famous 1983), Prison And Row blog and I am a named author over on Team Skittles Blog.)


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Tammie.
    Regarding the spurious domain-names: this is very common. It’s done by what are known as ‘cyber squatters’ – they look for registered domains, then register other versions of them in the hope that you (or perhaps someone else) will some day pay them for them. It usually happens a few weeks before the date the domain is due for renewal – there is a chance that if you forget to renew your domain, they will grab that as well along with the alternatives and try to sell it back to you. It’s nothing to worry about, there isn’t much scope for them to sell a domain based on a radio amateur callsign to anyone other than the holder of the callsign.

    I imagine they stitched up g4rga.com, g4rga.net and g4rga.co.uk at the first renewal.

    New rules coming in at the beginning of May will hopefully put a stop to this practice.

    Regards & 73

    Jim, G4RGA.

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